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Fire Link GPS Datalogger

Fire Link GPS Datalogger

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Add optional USB power cable?

Our new Fire Link revolutionizes the way drivers interact with their data on and off the track! These units are now available for PRE-ORDER, shipping in late June or early July 2024. 

The high-precision 10Hz GPS is seamlessly transmits your data over any available cellular network to our Fire Laps live servers. This enables our powerful real-time analysis and coaching tools during and immediately after every session or race. The Fire Link requires a Fire Laps membership of your choice to use, and this device includes one year of our Intelligent Lap Coach!

No more connecting USB cables, downloading data, and deciphering graphs. The Fire Link works seamlessly in the background thanks to a hardwired connection to your vehicle.

When you enter the racetrack, the Fire Link immediately begins live-steaming your data to your account so you have immediate, actionable AI-based coaching tips at your fingertips faster than you can exit the vehicle to review.

Connecting the Fire Link to Fire Laps is easy! Just scan the QR code on the device to pair it to your account and you're up and running.

Users can choose to live-steam their data publicly or privately, and racing organizations can now integrate live data into their broadcasts. Data is also available to sanctioning bodies making it easy to detect any drivers that may not be compliant with the ruleset. 

Installation details:

Preferably, the Fire Link should be powered by a switched 12V connection to your vehicle with the supplied DTM connector pigtail, and the GPS/LTE antenna mounted in the center of the vehicle in your front or rear window. We also offer an optional USB power cable for temporary installations in street cars. The unit can be powered with a range of voltages from 3V to 16V thanks to the internal power converter. 

The Fire Link electronics are neatly housed in a machined Delrin case and it can be mounted anywhere the LED lights are visible to the driver using the supplied 3D Dual Lock Velcro. The GPS/LTE external antenna is mounted in the center of the vehicle in the front or rear window or on the bodywork, thanks to the high-strength magnet or 3M double stick pad.

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